We are experts at few things. We have no idea how to examine someone’s vision, or to prescribe eyeglasses. Precision instruments and responsible professional knowledge are required for that – and a great amount of confidence from the part of those who come by. We also have no idea how to operate a restaurant or a coffeehouse, of how to store frozen goods, procure high quality tea, sense the diverse desires of customers. We also have no idea about how you like to manage your office. Are you perhaps a strict and unyielding manager, or a good friend of your staff? And we are absolutely clueless about what kind of life you lead – are you resolute, easy going, eccentric, independent or perhaps you have a large family...
On the other hand, we are experts at making those arriving for an eye examination feel comfortable, to make them believe that they are in good hands. We perform our work so your place of business can be deserving of your professional knowledge. We can also assist in how You should build Your coffeehouse or restaurant. We arrive with colors, materials and designs, so everything You envision about the hospitality industry can be realized – we ensure that instead of the furniture, the lighting and accessories You can pay attention to the most important: Your customers.
If You have an office, we will adjust it to Your attitude. You are the one who knows what You wish. You know Your staff and Your clients, and what You would like to project toward them. We only provide a helping hand, so Your office can display all this – tell the story of the staff and the company’s philosophy with its image and atmosphere.
And if You tell us how You live Your life, we can build a suitable environment for You – one that humbly serves You every day, and silently allows You over to Your family, Your friends,  Your love. 
See, we are really experts at few things – but we love those and we perform them on a high quality. Because we are also only paying attention to the most important: You.

  • 2018, Winner/Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, A’Design Award & Competition, COMO/ITALY
  • 2017, 1st place/Healthcare Category, SBID International Design Award, LONDON/UNITED KINGDOM
  • 2017, Winner/Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, A’Design Award & Competition, COMO/ITALY
  • 2014, Luxury Ambassador Award won for Optika di Moda Store, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY
  • 2013, Luxury Ambassador Award won for Trend Optika Store, SZOMBATHELY/HUNGARY
  • 2012, Luxury Ambassador Award won for Optic World Store, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY
  • 2013, 1st Place, The nicest store, HOYA VIP Award, Optic World Store, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY
  • 2012, 1st Place, The nicest store, HOYA VIP Award, Lens Optika, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY
  • 2011, 1st Place, The nicest store, HOYA VIP Award, Sasvári Optika, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY
  • 2009, 1st Place, The most innovative stand, Hungary Optical Exposition, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY
  • 2009, 1st Place, The nicest stand, Hungary Optical Exposition, BUDAPEST/HUNGARY

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  • 2015, Exclusive designer of Kodak Lens Optic stores in East-Central Europe, Signet Armorlite Europe LTD

  • 2017, Rotary Club Balatonfüred-Veszprém, VESZPREM/HUNGARY
  • 2014-2017, BNI Hungary, Bakony Business, VESZPREM/HUNGARY
  • 2000-2004, Veszprém Lions Club, VESZPREM/HUNGARY
  • 1998-2000, Lions Club Veszprém, VESZPREM/HUNGARY

  • 2015-, KODAK LENS, Interior designer of the East-Central Europe area
  • 2013-2015, ZEISS VISION, Interior designer of Zeiss Vision Center Store Hungary

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